Eduardo Mirahyes's investment experience spans 32 years, from vice president and portfolio manager at the #1 Money Manger in the country, to running a small hedge fund.

When the Market Crashed in 1987, Mr. Mirahyes served as vice president and portfolio manager at GAMCO Investors, in New York City, the top-ranking money manager in the US for

six of the seven previous years. In the aftermath of the Crash,  the value of assets under management plunged well over  30%, and clients representing a third of the firm’s assets, walked out the door.

Obviously, the traditional Graham & Dodd “value approach” had little worth in a Market Crash. Almost overnight, his income dropped 50%, and forced him to tighten belt several notches.

To avoid such an excruciating experience ever again, Eduardo set out to learn everything he could about the Market. He began his quest by studying the Great Depression, the Austrian School of Economics and after several years, arrived tangentially to Market Wizards and its sequel, Market Wizards II. The only common thread between five of the top traders interviewed by Jack Schwagger was the Elliott Wave Principle, applied either as a primary or confirmatory tool.

Mirahyes immediately took action, to enroll in the Basic Elliott Wave Course taught by Elliott Wave International. When the course materials arrived, they included The Elliott Wave Principle along with  a set of video tapes containing the entire basic course. For over a month  he studied diligently. By the time he arrived in Gainesville, GA, knew enough to skip the basic course entirely, and go right into the Advanced Tutorial, to gain a year's head start on his way to mastery. To date, Mr. Mirahyes is still the only individual who has ever skipped the Basic Elliott Wave Course, to successfully complete the Advanced Tutorial.

For the next two years, Eduardo charted the S&P 500 real-time, on the 1-minute increments each day, from the opening bell to the close. He would then print and scotch-tape together the 7 sheets of 8.5 x 11” landscape paper to learn to fine-tune his perceptions. The benefit of such exercise was to gain the equivalent of 20 years experience, in just two. In the meantime, Eduardo read every book put out by Elliott Wave International (EWI) and returned to Gainesville several times, intent on mastery.

Only when the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and Short-term update failed to provide profitable guidance, he realized that Steve Hochberg could not possibly be investing according to his own advice. Eduardo dropped the subscriptions, reasoning he could do better on his own. Eduardo’s life’s work, New-Wave Elliott is a highly advanced and refined version of RN Elliott’s legacy - the product of 25 years’ market analysis available to you free of charge with these links Part 1 & Part 2. By reconciling Benoit Mandelbrot’s fractal insights with Nobelist, Robert Shiller’s Century of Market Values, within an Elliott framework, Eduardo filled-in the missing pieces, to enable him to construct RN Elliott’s previously theoretical Channel, and confirm New-Wave Elliott’s veracity as the true cutting-edge tool for forecasting, market analysis and swing trading excellence.

Eduardo's aptitude for pattern recognition and his track record for excellence in Bear Market declines remains unrivaled. Exceptional Bear delivers 2-3 trading updates per week via email, for 8 asset-class ETFs, along with the Timer Digest S&P, used by many to successfully trade Futures. You can test-drive our service risk-free for 30 days, by going to Exceptional-bear.com.                                          updated Dec. 2015                                         

Linked-in Profile

Exceptional Bear Market Letter 2006-present

Private Investor 1994-2006

Classic Asset Management, Dallas, TX  1990-1994


Ran $15 million for high net-worth, offshore accounts.

GAMCO Investors, NYC 1983-1990

Vice President & Portfolio Manger

Ran $150 million "value" portfolio for the top-ranking money manager in the country, Mario Gabelli. Clients included Upjohn, Bausch & Lomb and the, Southwestern Medical Foundation.  GAMCO went public in 1999, Bill Gates owns 5% of the stock. Mario Gabelli is counted among in the Forbes 400.

Seligman Securities, NYC 1982-1983
Apprenticed with an old-time independent money manger


Elliott Wave International Advanced Tutorial 1990

Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA
BA in Biology Premed 1977

NYU, Stern School of Business, New York, NY
MBA coursework in Finance 1983