Warning! Massive Market Crash looming  

December 29, 2014
We are just weeks away from a massive Market Crash, far more severe than any other in modern times. Although I came to this conclusion independently, several reputable experts concur with my conclusions from completely diverse angles. In my experience, anytime the identical conclusion is arrived at autonomously via technical, fundamental & historical perspectives, there’s is an extremely high probability that it’s right on the mark. Contrary to pedestrian wisdom, which would lead you to mistrust your own rational thinking, & defer such investment decisions to market experts, the “long” crowd is all wrong. learn more click here



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According to Nobel Laureate, Robert Shiller, the Stock Market is currently at the 3rd highest valuation ever - only exceeded in 1929 & 2000, both were followed by Crashes. Obviously this an especially risky time to be “long” the Market. Inversely, it’s also the most opportune time to short the Market via Inverse ETFs. Inverse ETFs are synthetic short-sales of an entire asset class neatly packaged into a single stock & one of the very rare assets that appreciate in a Crash.

 is the premier investment manager for the Bear Market. In the 2008-2009 free-fall, our clients earned in excess of 240%, while 90% of investors lost at least 37% of their net-worth. How did we achieve it? Through precision Swing Trading. When investors panic, they liquidate stocks indiscriminately, sending our inverse ETFs kiting. We in turn, scale-out partial positions to opportunistically lock-in profits. Invariably Bull Market conditioning lures investors to Buy the Dips”, allowing us to replace our positions at a discount. Expertly executed, this strategy aggregates wealth faster than any other, far surpassing Einstein’s Eighth Wonder of the World compound interest. In the aftermath of the imminent crash, when most investors will be forced to downsize living standards, our recession-proof portfolios will have made our clients far more prosperous.

While Bull Markets are characterized by smoothness, Bear Markets are wildly turbulent. Therefore, in sharp contrast to the “Buy & Hold” strategy that works best in Bull Markets, optimal Bear Market Wealth Management favors Swing Trading inverse ETFs.

Our investment strategy, methodology and strategic asset allocation stem from New-Wave Elliott, a highly-evolved road map to the Market, advanced and refined over 25 years by Eduardo Mirahyes, our founder & chief investment officer. New-Wave Elliott is the foremost tool to aggregate wealth and endow upward mobility.

 Eduardo Mirahyes

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