Barron's cover story a highly accurate contrary indicator

Larger-than-life Bulls confirm the Bearish plunge directly ahead. On the cover of Barron's Roundtable, you find the panelists in ridiculous poses, making Fools of themselves. "Panel of former Experts are mostly Long & Wrong". In a Bear Market Plunge, "Stock-picking is an exercise in futility", since all stocks get dumped in a Panic, this includes all US stocks. Only Marc Farber is attuned with this Market, it's no wonder he concurs almost entirely with our assessment. The rest, ignorant of Elliott insights incorrigibly persist in forecasting the present linearly into the future, to include double-digit earnings gains for the S&P in 2014, without the corresponding increase in Sales. 

Only after the dust settles, will commodity-based stocks begin to climb, that why its far too early to by commodities, including Gold & Oil.  "In a Panic, the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater". Bargains will abound only after early investors into commodities get spooked, to experience major setbacks.

+Artificially assembled in ridiculous poses is yet another highly accurate contra-indicator.  Rather than the Bull Market expected by most of these fools, a Bear Market Plunge of likely 50% is well in progress. Meanwhile bonds yields will plunge in a flight into the Safety & Quality of US T-bonds, via a Panic rather than Fed manipulation.  

After a decade of artificial Fed stimulus, the money supply is numb to stimulus and the inevitable Deflation stimulus has put off will overpower, further efforts manipulate the economy into a perpetual boom.