Year-end Market Letter focuses on 30-year T-bonds the best way to preserve Capital, suitable for Widows and Orphans

Looking Back at the identical juncture as December 2007, how you would have fared, had you followed the advice above. Excerpts from April 4, 2009, and a link to access the entire forecast of the Mother of All Rallies

If you had followed the advice provided above, namely investing 2/3 of your capital in long-dated US T-Bonds now and the rest following Exceptional Bear's Swing Trading Expertise, you would now have a portfolio worth 40% more, with minimal risk! That is to say, instead of being down 37% at the 2009 trough, you could have grown your capital by 20-23% in long T-bonds & at least 240% in the 1/3 invested Exceptionally.  At the trough, you could have gone back into stocks then selling at a 40% discount. Instead most of you have only recently completed a round trip, back to the high portfolio value of 2007.

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