How to create a Free & Secure Hushmail Account

Hushmail hashidden the free link, here's how to find it

Hushmail is absolutely essential, and the only way to fend off the attacks of rogue hacker, alias the Russian Hacker, Damon Kalahele of Sunnyvale, CA 

This is what PHISHING looks like in Hushmail

If you are ever asked to input your password a second time, close the browser, and open a new one. If you input your password upon request, you will find your Hushmail account hi-jacked, so you can no longer log-in. This has occurred to me several times, only now am I wise to it. 

For contrast this is the authentic Hushmail log-in page

May suggest you use the suffix, rather than, to save four keystrokes each time you log-in.