Click here to view the New-Wave Elliott Charts illustrating the the optimal Bear Market, ETF Asset Allocation & Market Timing Signals. To enter and adjust limits, you need only focus on the signals in red. These require no more than 15-20 minutes of your time. Time well spent to safeguard your nest egg. What's more, good-till-cancelled orders, demonstrate mastery & the skill to anticipate reversals, while most investors persist in projecting past into infinity. 

If you take the time to study the explanations, while reconciling them with the adjacent charts, you will swiftly process the wisdom imparted on a deep level. Over a year's time you will receive far more instruction than offered over a 3-day course, costing far more than a year's subscription to Exceptional Bear. For those hungry for knowledge, the wealth of information conveyed can be immediately put to gainful use. At the current juncture, insights gleaned from long, historical chart conveys either the beginning of a long upside, or impending catastrophic losses from which there can be no recovery. You only require common sense to discern the difference between the two. 

As an accredited investor, diversified among several hedge funds, you will gain the critical insights, allowing you to pull your money out before a manager threatens your lifestyle. Unlike anytime since 1929, this Bear Market will confiscate tremendous wealth, while those who manage to hold on to their wealth, will become relatively far wealthier.  

If your manger has a long track record, be beware of complacency. Realize that those conditioned in the Bull Market, are likley to persist, after all, up to now, the Fed has artificially bailed them mout.  thet have alwys been while the short Bearish plunges become overwhelmed by the far longer Bullish stretches. It is the rare manager who can switch gears from riding the Bull to dodging the Bear. What's more, the Bernanke "put" cannot possible be reinacted.  in has been garnered in mostly Bull Markets, are the least likely to  andwhich tend to obscure the losses sustained during free-falling markets in 2000-2002 and 2007-2009. Managers conditioned to Buy & Hold during the Bull Market who fail to adjust to dramatically opposite conditions are bound to decimate your wealth in a flash. The insights you will learn are wealth-preserving now more than ever. supervise your money managers before catastrophic losses blind-side you. gain expertise to do it yourslef, and supervise your money managers and   who want to learn an excellent way to process the information at your own pace. For those hungry for knowledge, there are always more opportunities to accelerate you command of New-Wave Elliott, the most advanced and refined version of RN Elliott's legacy, directly from the developer. 

The foundational departures from EWI's version are the result of 27 years of charting the market after completing EWI's Advanced Tutorial. These include the reconciliation of the long Wave count with Robert Shiller's Nobel Prize-winning Research on a Century of Market Values, Benoit Mandelbrot's fractal discoveries, and reinstatement of RN Elliott's A-B Base as key structure  by  of Yaledifferences can be examined by following this link

We offer 10 Asset Classes Long/Short asset class ETF and their reciprocal mirror images; when one peaks the other troughs. This is a preview of the updates our clients receive. You decide which to utilize and also which ones to disregard.