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10-17-09 Countdown to the next big move DOWN!

10-10-09 The Eye of the Hurricaine; Dollar collapse the likely Crash catalyst

10-3-09 Oct 6 a cycle high; no recovery in sight; irrationally optimistic valuations

9-26-09 Why you should bailout of stocks & bonds now!

9-12-09 Fed's Market Manipulation; China catalyst; Ready to Plunge

9-2-09 Follow the Smart Money

8-29-09 Precipitous Decline by October; high probability of a CRASH

8-25-09 This Market is built on Deception, and highly vulnerable

8-21-09 Hourly charts

8-15-09 Quality of Earnings

8-8-09 What's wrong with Robert Prechter's latest wave count?

7-25-09 Sputtering Stock Market soon to end in a nose dive part 1

7-25-09 part II

6-14-09 Nothing as it seems

4-19-09 Why the March lows are the minimum downside

4-12-09 Why our Long-term Forecast is Exceptional

4-12-09 Exceptional Forecast part II

4-5-09  Big Picture - The Mother of All Rallies

3-28-09 Bear Trap - the trough requires a new low

3-21-09  Dollar plunge followed by huge rally

3-21-09  Next a 25% minimum drop to take out the March lows

3-14-09 In the process of topping

3-9-09 Big Rally in process; the final bottom not in yet.

2-12-09 Much more downside before a V-shaped Recovery

2-7-09 Last leg down likely a panic

2-1-09 Still two-thirds of the plunge still ahead

1-24-09  Free Fall just ahead

1-18-09  Three phenomenal years ahead

1-10-08 Transition to the upside; Forecast

12-19-08 Swift Market Recovery

12-14-08 Christmas Rally in progress!

12-6-08  Bottoming soon!

11-29-08 Explosive year-end rally kicks off a five year move

11-23-08 Sell Treasury Bonds

11-22-08 Just a bit more upside before we correct


11-8-08  Not a do-it-yourself Market

9-19-09 Crashes are sudden, Mass realizations of Reality
11-4-08  Special Report: Dive postponed to usher in Obama

11-1-08  Prepare to DIVE!

0-27-08 Special Report: Certainty, why you should be fully invested NOW.

10-25-08  Swift upside of 50%+ gains

10-18-08  The Bottom is behind us; another optimal entry soon!

10-11-08  A powerful, dramatic reversal takes off!

10-4-08  We're almost there! Prepare for take-off

9-27-08 Bottoming soon; then up like a Rocket!

9-23-08   Oil Special Report: going UP not down!

9-20-08  The Final Spike is in Progress!

9-6-08  A truncated, false rally means much more downside ahead

8-30-08  A Smoking, run-away market - soon.

8-30-08  Special Report: Cycles & Elliott

8-23-08 Much higher Oil; with expectations of price collapse creates opportunity

8-16-08  Bullish on Oil & Gas; Bearish on everything else

8-09-08 Dramatic Reversal just Ahead: Up for Oil, Down for stocks

7-27-08  Correction progressing in complex manner, next move up, followed  by down...then the real action begins.

7-20-08  Best to wait for the pullback now or go short in the meantime

7-12-08  Like 1982, the second half begins a big bull move

7-5-08  Plummet in Oil ignites a powerful Market Rally

6-30-08 Blood in the Streets means stocks are cheap - Get in early on the next Bubble Market!

6-21-08  The Next Rally is on the starting blocks, now is the time to go long:  Exceptional Bear gives you a head start regardless of direction, for optimal profits.

6-14-08   Lehman leads a bounce likely lasting until Friday