Bull/Bear where are we now (pdf link) pictorially illustrates the start of the Great Bear Market in 2000, concurrent with the Dot-com Bubble Bust. Since then, every market upside has been a 3-wave Bear Market Rally. What's more, such 3-wave upsides mean the Bear Market cannot conclude until such sucker's rally has been completely retraced, including the entirety of misguided Stimulus. 

 S&P 500 Monthly 1982-present

All Bear Markets contain at least one major upside, a B Wave sandwiched between two plunges in waves A & C.  Fed manipulation resulted in a second such upside, rather than the Simple Bear Market we were due by Elliott's Guideline of Alternation a Complex Bear Markets forced market magnitude 4x (400%) higher. This could hardly be called an intelligent move to benefit the greater good.

Rather than "save us from Depression", Ben Bernanke's manipulation took the Bear Market to stratospheric over-valuation levels, only to Crash harder and more violently with a lag. Such low-integrity quick fixes are known as "kicking the can down the road", analogous to sweeping the dirt under the carpet, for the next administration to tackle. 

Just as the force of a falling object is measured by mass x acceleration, a higher perch implies a far greater force force of acceleration on the way down to result in a Crash. In the aftermath of such violent vanishing of trillions in a flash, a far more biting and enduring economic depression results.