New-Wave Elliott

  a synthesis of Elliott,

Mandelbrot  & Shiller

For those familiar with Elliott Wave International’s (EWI) version of the Wave Principle, this will be a real eye-opener – especially for those who would swear Elliott doesn’t work! New-Wave Elliott™ reconciles Shiller & Mandelbrot to construct Elliott’s Big Picture Channel

New-Wave Elliott™ is the product of 26 years of Elliott Wave Analysis, after completing EWI’s Advanced Tutorial; Part I (click on the title link) describes my unique contributions, including not only where magnitude transcends, but alsothe structure. Part I reconciles Nobel Laureate, Robert Shiller’s Century of values data, and Benoit Mandelbrot’s fractal insights, as the CPA RN Elliott might have done, now that these insights have come to light. Disregard the warning, no pdf can damage your computer, the warning has been programmed by a hacker who seeks to keep it under wraps.

Part II explains where Robert Prechter erred...before me, no one dared to challenge his irrelevant genius in math and verbal. Only pattern recognition aptitudeis relevant to excellence technical analysis, the fact that the Diagonal Triangle type 2, both as the Bullish Diag II , and the Bearish Diag II,discovered by Hamilton Bolton in the 1950’s has been swept under the rug due to Prechter & Company’s inability to recognize it. The Diag II is critical, virtually ubiquitous at major reversals, and provides invaluable insights.$2C+revised+Nov+2014.pdf

Nature’s Law, Part III, restores the A-B Transition the essential part of RN Elliott’s Wave Principle that Robert Prechter arrogantly discarded.$27s+Law+revisisted.pdf