New-Wave Elliott - Advanced & Refined for Excellence

Here is the long New Wave Elliott count since 1900 in monthly candlesticks since 1900, showing the correct, Supercycle Wave (IV)  degree of trend, the A-B Transitions, edited-out since Frost & Prechter's Elliott Wave Principle, and finally the BearishDiag II, as a corrective structure, the cornerstone of  Supercycle Wave (II), Cycle Wave IV and in the current Supercycle Wave (IV) - this is the "real" Elliott, reconciled with Nobelist, Robert Shiller's Equity Values research, and Mandelbrot's fractal logic.

Just as Supercycle Wave (II) intiated in 1906, rather than 1929, the current Supercycle Wave (IV) began in 2000, with the dot-com bubble bust. This Bear Market is far from over!

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                                                                              January 29, 2016