Timer of the Year 2015

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Exceptional Bear is the 2015 Stock Market Timer of the Year, with a return in excess of 34x the S&P in a down market. Such outstanding performance is an objective measure of the skill required to optimally maneuver Bear Markets.

Our recession-proof investments consist of 20 long/short, Exchange-Traded Funds, which appreciate as the equity market drops. We harness volatility via swing-trading. Each time there is a price spike, we scale-out of partial positions, allowing us to buy back for less once the price settles. Over time, this strategy reduces average cost and compounds profit like no other.

To facilitate your understanding, we provide expert New-Wave Elliott candle charts, allowing you to gain market expertise over time. Our asset-class ETFs include: the S&P, Gold, the Volatility index, Small-Cap stocks, Financials, Oil, Natural Gas, Emerging Markets, China and the Euro. While Commodities will be inversely correlated to stocks much of the time, swing trading allows us to capture returns regardless of  direction.