GOLD about to Soar as stocks plunge

Gold is about to Soar, concurrent with plunging stocks - at the current price you can buy gold with abandon. Gold & the S&P are usually inversely related. The Bearish Diag II structures in the S&P, in conjuction with gold about to fly are highly confirmatory of a Crash in stocks and funds flow into Gold. This may be the optimal time to re-allocate assets into Safe Haven Cash & Gold.                                                                                                                                                          November 14, 2015

Bounce in process likely the last chance get defensive  

Follow-up to Nov 15 forecast picotrially before & after. Visual evidence of the inverse correlation as a likely final rally within wave 3 of a Bearish Diag II.

    November 18, 2015

Bear Market Diag II fractals, a historical perspective and what they mean NOW.

Nov 21, 2105