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December 2, 2013 Market Letter Part 2 & Monday Allocation

November 25, 2013 charts & Monday's  Allocation

November 18, 2013 charts & Monday's  Allocation

November 12, 2013 Charts only - Monday Allocation

November 4, 2013 Charts only (text on menu to the Right)

October 27, 2013 Market Letter Charts (text posted on Menu)

October 20, 2013 Charts only

October 13, 2013

October 6, 2013

Sept 29, 2013  Charts only part 2

Sept. 28, 2013 The Timeline for Asset Class Reversal part 1

Sept 23, 2013 This Time is only Superficially Different

Sept 15, 2013Market Letter Charts

Sept 9, 2013

Sept 7, 2013 For optimum gains avoid the herd (text only)

Aug 25, 2013 What the charts reveal and how to read them

Aug 17, 2013 Our commitment to lifelong Elliott refinement

Aug 10, 2013 Marc Farber concurs; A plunge into year-end

Aug 3, 2013 A Plunge into year-end

July 27, 2013 The long-term charts: An Elliott Wave Milestone

July 21, 2013 Weekly Charts update

July 20, 2013For Bears, this Market means Exceptional Profit

July 13, 2013 A Roaring Bull Market in Volatility & Inverse ETFs

July 6, 2013 The Bearish Diag II

June 30, 2013 Special Report: Flight to Safe Havens is on

June 22, 2013 Special Report: Transcending the Degrees of Trend

June 15, 2013 Market Letter

June 8, 2013  Market Letter

June 1, 2013 Reversal in process to retrace a D wave followed by E to a new all-time high.

May 25, 2013 Long-term charts in relation to the current structures

May 18, 2013 Reversal of 2 degrees of magnitude higher in Process

May 11, 2013  Sucker's Rally to an all-time high ( follows this pullback)

May 4, 2013 Hell of a Rally, Why other Elliott Counts are Wrong

April 27, 2013 A Triple TOP - A Prelude to Free-Fall

April 20, 2013   A Bounce beyond the previous TOP

April 13, 2013 This Time is way Different

April 6, 2013  A Polar Bear in Seal's Clothing

March 30, 2013 Reversal in Process

March 23, 2013 Reversal from a Triple Top in process

March 16, 2013 Triple Top

March 9, 2013 Small Stocks more over-valued than ever

March 2, 2013  After a brief pause, Market Dive continues

February 23, 2013  Looming Debt Crisis- not that bad?

February 16, 2013 NOTE: projections posted prior to March 8 are obsolete

February 9, 2013  Charts only

February 2, 2013 Charts only, 4-part Missing Pieces reserved for subscribers

January 26, 2013 Wave B dissected

January 19, 2013 Anatomy of Wave B down

January 12, 2013  Supercycle Wave (IV) C

January 5, 2013 Either a Bear or a Fool; The Big Picture Supercycle Bear

December 29, 2012 Happy New Year!

December 22, 2012 The Keynesian Fallout

December 15, 2012 Short & Shallow Recession; Wall of Worry

December 8, 2012 Robert Schiller’s P/E 10

December 1, 2012 A wave 2 bounce to at least S&P 1460 in process

November 24, 2012 Fractals the Key to the Big Picture Profits

November 17, 2012 Timing the plunge off the Fiscal Cliff

November 11, 2012  Another Financial Crisis on the Way

November 3, 2012 

October 27, 2012    Fractals the key to Elliott Excellence  

October 20, 2012  Origins of the Great Bear Market ended 1932 in 1907

October 13, 2012  Excessive Optimism - Signs of Topping

October 6, 2012 Dead Cat Bounce just started

September 29, 2012 Market grows numb to Fed Manipulation

September 22, 2012 QE3 - Mr. Bernanke Strikes out!

September 15, 2012, Bears quit just prior to being proven right

September 8, 2012 High-yield funds popularity marks a market top

September 2, 2012 Exceptional Bear's unique contribution to the advancement of the Elliott Wave Principle

August 24, 2012  Oil & Gold Update

August 18, 2012 The Big Picture Monthly Perspective

August 11, 2012  Case Against Stimulus: Estonia; Europe launches Bull Run

August 4, 2012 Mother of all De-leveraging Cycles

July 21, 2012 China hits Great Wall

July 14, 2012 Signs & Symptoms of Depression

July 7, 2012 This is not the time to be Contrarian

June 30, 2012 China drags the Global Economy down; Plunge in process

June 23, 2012 Easy Money Today, Fiscal Hangover Tomorrow

June 16, 2012 Buy Stocks; Sell Bonds for the Swing-Trade

June 9, 2012 Market Fractals - Previews of coming Attractions

June 2, 2012 A Powerful Rebound Next

May 26, 2012 This Bear Market's Fractal

May 19, 2012"Sine Cera" - Sincere; without wax to hide the cracks

May 12, 2012 Nobel-Prize winning strategy; Recovery Fault lines

May 6, 2012 The 80/20 Rule Applied to Investing; How we Allocate

April 28,2012 False Break-out; Market Avalanche ahead

April 21, 2012 Somber Panic prompts QE3 

April 13, 2012 Wave i or a is complete; the first bounce in process

April 7, 2012 Easter Week - Charts only

March 31, 2012 Forecasting with Certainty

Mar 23, 2012 The World has not been fixed, despite QE2

Mar 17, 2012 Market Manipulation - It's Ben Again!

Mar 10, 2012 Market Letter - the beginning of a huge "air pocket" in the Market, like the 2008 financial crisis

Mar 3, 2012  Market Letter Charts only - The Final installment of Elliott Wave; the Missing Pieces is available to subscribers only until publication next year.

Feb 18, 2012 Market Letter - Elliott's Missing Pieces is the first refinement of the Wave Principle since Hamilton Bolton discovered the Diag II in the 1950's

Feb 8, 2012 Special Bulletin NOSE DIVE to at least the Oct 2011 low

Feb 25, 2012 Market Letter - Daily Charts only -The Missing Pieces our ground-breaking Elliott Wave discoveries are available exclusively for Subscribers - to learn what Elliott & Robert Prechter missed, which are especially relevant to Today's Market. Try our service, Risk-Free for 30 days; 100% money-back guaranteed.

Feb 11, 2012 Market Letter - The Identical S&P Structure as 2008 plunge now in process

Feb 4, 2012 Market Letter - A Recovery Mirage

Jan 28, 2012 Market Letter

Jan 21, 2012 Market Letter

Jan 14, 2012 Market Letter

Jan 7, 2012 Market Letter

12-31-2011 Market Letter

12-24-2011 Market Letter

12-17-2011 Market Letter US Unemployment

11-26-2011 Economics will determine Presidential Election

11-19-2011 Endangered Stock Pickers

11-12-2011 Technicals presage the Plunge

11-5-2011 Market Letter

10-29-2011 Market Letter

10-22-2011 Market Letter

10-15-2011 Three Steps forward; Two steps back

10-8-2011 Market Letter

9-31-2011 Market Letter

9-24-2011 Market Letter - rally in process

9-17-2011 Diag > tells rally is Terminal

9-10-2011 The Final Denial Rally

9-3-2011 Market Letter

8-27-2011 Abbreviated Market Letter

8-22-2011 Abbreviated Market Letter - hacking

8-13-2011 Elliott Wave - the missing pieces

8-5-2011 The Great Recession Part II

7-30-2011 The Meaning of a US credit downgrade

7-25-2011 Market Letter

7-9-2011 The "soft patch" worsens (incorrectly dated 2010)

7-2-2011 Roller-Coaster Volatility endemic to Super-cycle Bear

6-28-2011 Elioitt Wave the true compass for navigating Markets

6-18-2011 A Near Term Top is on the Horizon

6-11-2011 To the Poor House via the scenic route

6-04-2011 Real Estate Double-Dip - worse than Great Depression

5-28-2011 The Market remains the best predictor of the Economy

5-21-2011 Commodities reversal confirm the end of the Risk trade

5-14-2011 The Peak in Commodities is not a buying opportunity

5-7-2011 Commodities Plunge - the trend betrays you friend

4-30-2011 National Magazines Covers signal the end of a trend

4-23-2011 The Fed's Distortions; Commodities tumble

4-16-2011 "Dumb Money" accurately signals the Top

4-9-2011 Super-cycle Transition signals a Crash just ahead

4-2-2011 Blame it on beta - a preview of Market Collapse

3-26-2011 Big Bear's back from hibernation

3-19-2011 Savings Plummet - We're in denial

3-12-2011 Continued Delusions of Recovery

3-5-2011  Oil prices, Recession and Stagflation

2-26-2011 New Normal or Old Denial?

2-19-2011 Emerging & Developed Markets synchronized

2-12-2011 Markets lining up for the plunge

2-5-2011 Not even Mr. Bernanke can make this market go higher!

1-29-2011 America's Age of Austerity

1-22-2011 Market Turbulence Ahead

1-15-2011 Irrational Exuberance

1-9-2011 A Bear Market implies a "double-dip"

1-2-2011 Dramatic Wave Count Revision

12-26-2010 Best December in a decade indicates Fed manipulation

12-18-2010 Grand Super-cycle Diag II

12-11-2010 The Last Sucker's Rally

12-4-2010 The Upside Correction is over!  

11-27-2010 Fed's delusional forecasts at the root of anxiety 

11-20-2010 At the Edge of the Precipice

11-13-2010 A Monetary “Noah’s Flood” leading to the “Mother of all Crashes

11-6-2010 Countdown  to the Crash

10-30-2010 QE2 can only backfire

10-23-2010 The "Noah Effect", Commodities Bubbles

10-16-10 “Easing” Hopes & Expectations bound to disappoint

10-9-2010 Profit Projections Inverse Funds

10-3-2010 Consumer confidence vs Fed Manipulation

                   Addendum to 10-3-2010

9-25-2010 New Lower Projections for the Bear Market

9-18-2010 Funds flow from stocks to bonds

9-11-2010 Bonds very risky

9-4-2010 The worst Recession since the Great Depression - not!

8-27-10 Monetary Stimulus; Bonds for Suckers

8-21-2010 Collapse of the Treasury Bond Market; VIX points to a CRASH (updated full version)

8-14-10 Topic available one month from today

8-7-10 More Quantitative Easing will likely backfire

7-31-10 Anatomy of a Crash; Stimulus vs Austerity and the Wave Count

7-24-10 Stimulus only works in Bull Markets, the long-term count

7-17-10 Stimulus treats the symptom, rather than the cause of Depression

7-10-10 Huge Flows into Money Market; Bonds a losing investment

7-3-10 Dead Cat Bounce - Likely Trajectory

6-26-10 Economic Contraction - Federal debt a noose around our necks

6-19-10 Double-Dip 80% probability

6-12-10 Panic Selling Next

6-5-10 Stock Market better predictor than any economist

5-29-10 Slowdowns, Downward Revisions, Haircuts & Nervousness

5-22-10 Recovery is over; Crash Targets

5-15-10 The Next Flash Crash

5-8-10  Buying Opportunity or an omen of things to come?

5-1-10 Market Tremors warn of impending Earthquake

4-24-10 Credit standing and Currency stability of the US in question

4-17-10 How much Windfall to the Minimum upside?

4-10-2010 "V" Recovery now complete - a Bear Market Bounce

4-5-10 About to go off a Cliff

3-27-10 Second Diag II virtually assures a Crash

3-20-10 Calm before the storm; Complacency before a CRASH

3-13-10 Good Times coming to an abrupt end

3-8-10 Last chance to bail out of stocks and buy Govt bonds

3-6-10 The VIX is about to Spike as Markets go into free fall

2-27-10  Wave 3 down, the point of recognition, next

2-20-10 2007 Bear Market continues after a whip-saw transition down

2-13-10  Why so many bubbles? The Big picture revisited

2-6-10  Map of the upside correction; 3rd slide expected

1-30-10  Dashed line marks the min upside to the last bounce

1-23-10   As goes January, so does the year; last bounce to Feb 1st

1-16-10   "Dumb Money" is possibly the best contrary indicator of all

1-9-10 There can be no recovery with rising unemployment

1-3-10 The Bell nobody rings at the it is!

12-26-09 Top performing asset classes for 2010; Bull to Bear Ratio over 3 and insider transactions sales 50:1 buy extremely negative.

12-19-09 Wall Street Economists & Strategists' forecasts all wrong; Bernanke's Recovery is a Mirage; A much lower trough still in the dollar; Stocks, Bonds, & Gold will greet the New Year with a nose Dive

12-12-09 Next week inverse funds and the Dollar surge

12-5-09 Inverse Funds in a Bull Market; Gold has peaked long-term

11-27-09 The final upside to complete wave 2 of the 5th in progress

11-14-09 Double Dip Recession is a certainty

11-7-09 Carry trade ending soon, a Crash occurs over days not months

10-31-09 Bounce back near the highs next week

10-24-09 Quantitative easing supports price reflation in the short-term, but overproduction and Deflation in the long-run, rally is over.