Latest draft of Cyber terrorism going on 8 years sourced in Sunnyvale, CA

Hacking update March 16, 2016 On Windows 10 phone and laptop

Hacking disrupts all areas of my life, including my health from radiation that is responsible for the loss of 3 inches in my height, but touches every aspect of my life and breaches every single right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Hacking documentation

Adobe 2013 Security Breach

pdf hack while uploading above document above

Stolen votes on Stockcharts to prevent better placement on the page going on 4 years, vote counter often stuck for days then 10 votes get wiped out all at once.

Corrupted and distorted Stockcharts via programmed server, also note how blurred the charts are, this is also hacking!

<Br> Hacks in Stockcharts

Police Report Filed Feb 24 2009

Hacking on TD Ameritrade Friday, Feb 20

Hack File prevents email attachments

Timer Digest 6-month exceeds 12-month Feb 17, 2015

Timer Digest annual ranking hacked Feb 2015

Timer Digest Hacked "Timer of the Year" for 2014

Roaming on hard wired computers at the Public Library contain the software modem which allows Microwaves operating over long distances from across the bay to operate via Bluetooth

Daily Hacks harass and block my work

Permission taken over, cannot be taken back blocked by these files

Websitw Link hacks March 12 2015

my reply to Brad Arkin Adobe Security Chief

Denial of Service and other recent threats to my ability to earn a living as guaranteed by the Constitution