Investors have cause & effect backwards thinking that the Euro will be devalued further with the onset of QE. Just the opposite occurred in the US, since 2009 QE inflates financial assets and balloons the money Supply, but only when withdrawn like an illicit drug does the cold turkey kick in.                                                                                                 Jan 21, 2015

Gold, Oil & the Euro - Opportunity & Delusion Gold is in a sucker's rally and like a runner who has jumped the gun, go back to the retrace the low. Oil is on a long -term bear market, but at the same time it must bounce to the area of $105 before it drops hard to the 1973 low concurrent with acute deflation, in the wake of the Market Crash of 2015. The Euro is beginning a long-term rally. Just as QE managed to inflate only financial assets, so QEuro will have similar effects to bolster the single currency. Now is the time to make your move out of overvalued $US into oversold and highly undervalued Euros. The $US like the S&P are the most crowded trades on the planet. Move out of these $US now at 90 on the Dollar index, the Dollar's trough likely in the area of 73.