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October 12, 2015

Helping us understand New-Wave Elliott™

Hi again Eduardo,

I always enjoy you helping out all of us to better understand New-Wave Elliott™. I have learned so much from you already, and made a bunch of money in the process too. Thank you so much for helping me with your valuable information.

You may use my words as you wish. You are a true man of integrity for asking me first though. I have the highest respect for your vast knowledge and with the way you always act as a professional.

Thank You Friend,

John Dicks

Von Ormy, TX

If you are looking to learn and generate wealth

 August 10, 2015

I am glad to be a subscriber of Exceptional Bear.Eduardo is a very unique and amazing man. His work and efforts are outstanding, and will forever change the way you look at the market. He cares about all his clients and it shows in his daily communication and newsletter. I would be lost without Eduardo helping me navigate the sea of confusion in the stock market. If you are looking to learn and generate wealth, you should subscribe to this Market Letter.


Cambodian-born Futures Trader

May 7, 2015


Good morning.  I just wanted to share with you how VERY impressed I am with your forecast skills.  Nothing is ever perfectly timed in markets, but these calls really seem to have a vast amount of knowledge behind them.  Most are trend followers, you stand apart.

GOLD down
Natural Gas down
OIL down
Small-Cap up
SPX moving up
EURO down

Every once in a while I could nail one or two good calls.  You seem to have a good grasp on the Elliot Waves. 

Besides my modeled portfolio, I have been additionally trading around the edges with options and futures for these.  My portfolio has extremely nice things to say about you.  If this keeps up, I will owe you a top-notch dinner (or a new car).

I appreciate your sharing that knowledge and experience with me.

My best regards,

Christopher Kent

Hamilton, NJ

Feb 23, 2014


Your market letters are an absolute gem to read. My goal is to get very good at reading the charts through your teaching, just as you say in your recent letter. I am a good student that knows how to follow a set of rules, as I know the down-side first-hand when you do not. I am looking forward to be your star student; I love the thought of discussing the charts with you on a whole new level to where I am now.

Adam Dobson

Kiama Downs, Australia

Jan 31, 2015


Your write-up of Jan 31st is correct! I appreciate your expertise and I see it in the details of your charts.

Your work is allowing me to either retire comfortably or retire early. Either one is a blessing, more than words can say.

Your JDST recommendation made a great percentage gain for me.  As you stated, selling at 9.3 or 9.6 is inconsequential. The percent gain impressive. I would like to continue paying for your services even if your raise your quarterly rate. I appreciate  your helping me. I have no problem paying you a bonus in a year or two, or after your guide us to the trough.

Keep guiding me, and you can decide additional compensation at the appropriate  time of your choosing. 

Thank you very much,

Mark  H. Shanks

Effingham, IL

Jan 27, 2015

Hi Eduardo,

Just want to take a timeout and congratulate you on    your #1 Timer Digest Ranking. 

And also, thank you for your guidance. I've been a member for about seven months now and have made around $200 grand thanks to your advice. 

I'm a pilot in Nigeria that flies with Mark Crumblin. He's your best salesman by far. On any given day, we sit in the pilot crew room and talk inverse ETFs, gold, oil, and anything else that you may suggest. 

Anyways, we have a few more pilots interested and I always refer them to your website. Thanks again. I'm well on my way to retiring five years early.


Terry Davis 

Castle Rock, CO 

P.S. I bought 141,000 shares of UWTI @ 2.99/share. Looking at your charts, maybe I can retire even earlier. :)

Feb 6, 2015

Re:#1 Timer Digest Ranking, As the saying goes, "The proof's in the pudding..."Congratulations.

You may be interested in my Personal Stats to Jan 31st. I opened my a/c in October 2014 with a balance of £15K. Since then, using your allocations only, I have amassed £5043 in clear Profit. So, over the past four months with the fearsome "Bear", my annualised return thus far is, 100% and change. That is very pleasing and that is the current gain before 'the Crash' which will hopefully super-escalate my returns and maybe, wifey can then have a house befitting her status. I am now considering enlarging my account.

Thankyou for your dedication. 

Best regards, 

Terry Harris
Yeovil, UK

Jan 9, 2014


Your charts and comments leave a deep impression on me. Often I study them, and I am beginning to get familiar with them. There are so many Bullish Diag IIs & Bearish Diag IIs. How come nobody else sees them?  I check them one by one, they always offer opportunity for profit.

It (New-Wave Elliott™) is really a valuable tool. It captures the spirit of market moves to detect reversals from the very beginning. I often scan Marketwatch and Stockcharts and I have never seen market analysis like yours anywhere,it is quite different, and so much more insightful than others.

To get today's achievement and contribution, I am sure that you have kept learning, studying and working very hard, and for many, many years. Wow, it’s not everybody who can do this. I admire you.



Tianjin, China

One Happy Client

December 19, 2014

Your calls on the market have been spot on, considering all the Fed manipulation and corruption which must make it even more difficult. I will admit there have been times I have had some doubts but it shows that your contributions to the Elliot Wave Theory is definitely spot on and the most advanced out there.

Thank You,

Anthony Wolff

Norfolk, Nebraska

December 17, 2014

Eduardo –

I would like to say thank you very much. Just a couple of days I experienced a excited and miraculous trading process.

When you told me to close wrong position and start to buy, my feeling is half belief and half doubt. Finally, I decide to do as you suggested, closed it. 2nd day, I start to buy. When market starts rising and arrive at the target, I already got some gains. That is so surprised and excited. You see, this is the best and professional trading case in my trading history. I realized that you are right and your analysis is very precise. I am lucky to know you and your analysis technology. Hope I can learn more and new from you.

Thank you again,



Hexi District, Tianjin, China

Translation and Localization

October 30, 2014

"About three years ago, I saw a reference to you, and have been watching your trades on Stockcharts since. Although I've followed Elliott Wave for seven or eight years, I’m interested in your work - it’s very different & interesting.   

It took me awhile to get what you’re doing…I've watched you make some good calls. Last fall, I bought SPXU onsignal from Free Public Stockcharts - it worked well. That made me want to see more of what you were doing. 

I've read all the articles you've posted on Exceptional Bear.com for the last year.

At least once a day, I load your Public Stockcharts. I’m looking forward to watching your calls. Best to you”.

R. S.

Bellingham, WA

Thanks Eduardo! Out all TVIX at 3.47 on the open, off 2.63 original buy. Looking forward to getting back in before the rumble to the bottom for the market! Your service has become rather "affordable"!

Cheers....and MANY THANKS!

Frank Trinkle

Palm Bay, FL

April 18, 2014

Thanks Eduardo-

"I am excited about this journey; I am determined to learn and to enjoy it with your guidance. I have been waiting for this stage for over 5 years… I have three tax-deferred accounts: a Rollover IRA, a Roth IRA and a 401K plan, all with different brokers.

The limit orders currently in place all follow your asset allocation and limits. Although I initially intended to invest just one account according to your signals, I have since decided to apply/use your timing to all three accounts, increasing the total amount substantially.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to enjoying a long-term, successful relationship".

With respect and appreciation,

Abel Ochoa

Tampa, Florida

April 29, 2014

“Once again, your knowledge and expertise are mind blowing. I follow the "Greedometer", including the subscription analysis, but when I compare that to your work, it’s not even a thought who I would rather trust going into this turmoil. Thank you for your clarification" (re: the Swing-trading strategy, since we trade the 2-hour charts for optimal returns, while the Public Stockcharts are shown in weekly increment candlesticks)

Chris Chiovitti

Toronto, Ontario

April 26, 2014

“I am SOLD on your subscription, and always look forward to your letters. I have easily achieved more than I expected, (starting date Feb 23, 2014) and have been hopeful to make some really nice returns”.

Richard Mull

Oregon City, OR

“I am so impressed with your work; your detail is excellent… I
have just completed reading the Exceptional Wave Count . You have my vote as a very competent technician. I feel comfortable with the Diag II (Diagonal Triangle type 2) as a corrective structure, and the Diag II as the start of a long bull run.  This stares me in the face now, as I ask myself why didn't I see that before”. You’re very insightful, and have my vote of confidence.  Please consider me a long-term client.”

Mark Crumblin -Helicopter pilot

Australia & UK

"You really nailed this turnaround! (February 21, 2013) I too would rather be early than too late".

Jeffrey Kuch
Granite Falls, NC

"Your feel for the market has been very impressive. I have been an active trader for ten years, but only since I began following your service did I finally start to get great returns. Your percentage is way above anyone else’s. You provide the guide – like you say, it’s a cost of doing business. It has been the best I have ever used and is the only one I use at the moment. I first signed up with your service from reading your Timertrac articles, and I will say no one else came close to your analysis on Timertrac

Tony Holland

Louisville, Kentucky

"Thank you for providing an excellent service. I have been trading for about ten years and have subscribed to numerous, numerous  newsletters and timing services.  The wealth of services you provide is the best thing available in the market, and I am looking forward to continuing to be your customer for the months and years ahead."

David Kintler, 
Port St. Lucie, FL

“I really appreciate being one of your subscribers. These 1st 2-1/2 months have been the first time since March 2000 that I can get up each day and feel I've got a chance to see my retirement accounts increase. I don't expect daily increases; I've taken a beating since March 2000. But now, I've made money since early September, when I first started using your trades. I work all day,  so I can't  check your emails until noon Pacific. Then, while I'm having lunch, I grab my Blackberry, and simply position myself on the "trader side" of your model portfolio. If you don't post a different position by 12:45 Pacific, I stay with the day before. Simple, and over this time I'm way ahead.

Let me just add that I always look forward to going over your charts, and reading the educational material in the evenings and on weekends. Thank you for giving me some control over my future, instead of feeling I'm at the mercy of others.

You obviously don't need subscribers to make a great living. But your willingness to bring along carpenters, and whoever else wants to come along means a lot to me.  When my 3 months are up on Nov. 18th, I want to re-subscribe for a full year to get that discount. 

Regald Laird
Beaverton, OR

"While browsing through the web I came across your website. What intrigued me was your letters from the past year. I have been reading them for the past three or four months whenever you posted a new one, and to tell you the truth, I just didn't believe it. Needless to say I wish I had subscribed to your letter when I first found you, as I have lost a tremendous amount of money in the past three months."

Lewis Miller
Staten Island, NY


"I'm enjoying the Exceptional Bear,- - especially its simplicity, clarity and directness - - not to mention your good calls." 

Sid Smith
Palm Springs, CA

Bottom line: I set up an E-trade account to trade your calls and am profiting 15-20k per month.  To me, that is a very significant ROI.