Exceptional Bear Market Timing & 

Swing Trading Excellence

Exceptional Bear is the leading Market Timing Service tailored to the individual investor. If you are confident in making your own investment decisions, trusting your own judgement above that of any expert. You have come to the right place for guidance. Our track record includes the all-time record Bear Market performance in stocks.  When the S&P plunged 37% in the 2008-2009 Financial crisis, clients who followed our investment recommendations potentially earned in excess of 360%,  independently verified.  Since then, Exceptional Bear has been awarded Timer Digest's Timer of the Year in 2015, and the #2 Timer in 2014. Such outstanding performance in down and flat markets is an objective measure of Bear Market skill, possessed by very few others.   

In the months ahead, knowing that you can depend on us to guide you through Market turbulence  should be most reassuring. In this market, Buy & Hold can only lead to financial ruin. When stressed, we humans tend to fall back on strategies that worked in the past, despite a vastly differing market environment than any time in the past 88 years. With Exceptional Bear, you choose which asset-class ETFs to employ, and which to exclude. What's more you can change asset classes whenever you wish.

As an accredited investor, you should be especially wary of inappropriate holdover patterns from the long Bull Market. Perhaps you sense that it may be time to take back control of your financial future, in the same way legendary hedge fund manager, George Soros, came out of retirement to rescue his own fortune. Like him,  you too can sleep soundly, knowing your living standards are no longer in jeopardy.  

Our recession-proof investment offerings consist of 10 long and 10 short, Exchange-Traded Funds, including the S&P, Gold, Silver, Volatility, Small-Cap stocks, Financials, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Emerging Markets, China and the Euro.  We don’t pretend that Buy & Hold is the least bit appropriate for this Market. That's why we proactively guide you to Swing Trade, by setting and regularly updating buy/sell limits.  You enter good-till-cancelled limit orders before the market opens; these remain in effect until we either modify them, or they get executed. Not until you receive the subsequent allocation email, is there anything worry about.  Then, in no more than 10-15 minutes, you view the red signals needing  adjustment. While Swing Trading means scaling-out of overvalued assets, to set aside the cash for scaling back-in, with the ebb & flow of the market, at lower prices.  This strategy strives to  reduce average cost and risk, while continually compounding profit.  By anticipating, and positioning ahead of the herd, the market usually comes to us. Swing Trading the right asset classes is the essence of managing recession-proof and depression-proof investments. In the likely event of a Crash, this low-risk strategy will "make" a relatively few investors for a lifetime, while the vast majority of former investors lick their wounds, broken for life.  

Exceptional Bear is an optimal tool for learning to manage your own investments & to capably oversee investment other managers.  Once you understand this Market, facilitated by color candle charts representing market history, the wrong asset classes, become instantly evident. By subscribing to Exceptional Bear, you'll be learning invaluable investment skills, which will allow you to "get it" on a deep level. The foundation of our methodology is the most advanced and refined version of RN Elliott's legacy - New-Wave Elliott Developed by Eduardo Mirahyes, founder of Exceptional Bear, over 27 years of hands-on experience, post completion of the Elliott Wave Advanced Tutorial. History repeats itself nowhere more often than in the Market. Elliott is all about recognizing these repeating price patterns, to understand the underlying market psychology and enable forecasting with a high degree of certainty.  The Fed would have us to believe stimulus and manipulation are capable of turning the Bear Market tide. Since all excess must be wrung out of the market before recovery can begin, creating more excess can only prolong recovery.